Founded in 2007, Vida Partners is an independent  private equity  management firm.
While  the   company  is  newly  set  up,  Vida’s founding  partners have  38  years  of
combined experience in private equity management.

Presently, Vida manages private equity funds from institutions, corporations and high
net worth individuals.

Vida’s founding  partners  were  the  pioneering  team  and  senior  management  of
Commerce-Ventures  Group,  formerly  a  wholly  owned  subsidiary of the Bumiputra
Commerce  Holdings  Bhd  and  now  part  of  the  CIMB  Group,  the second  largest
financial institution in Malaysia.

Vida  Partners  brings  a  wealth  of  in-depth  private  equity experience  through  its
partners  and  investment  professionals.  The partners pride themselves with a strong
track  record  and  team  cohesion.  Previously,  in  Commerce-Ventures, the partners
had  a  successful  10  year  track  record  in  investing,  realization  and   fund  raising
activities.   Over   the   last   decade,   Commerce-Ventures   grew   its   funds   under
management from RM15.0 million to RM900 million.

Vida Partners through its experienced continuing team is familiar with the challenges
of identifying,  nurturing  and  taking  a  pro  active  role in  value adding to portfolio
companies.  The  team’s track  record  is  a  reflection  of  their investment  discipline,
philosophy, passion and motivation for the business.